4 Ebay Sales Funnel Secrets to Create a Never-Ending Perpetual Flow of Cash!

If you want to do business on eBay you must know about the eBay sales funnel. It's actually a collection of sales avenues like online auctions, specific product pages, and website.

Here are a re a few eBay sales funnel secrets that will help you make profits.

1. Free product

You need to know how the funnel system works. Therefore, it's important that you offer an incentive to a consumer, which could be in the form of a free product. Once they approach you for the free product, you can offer them a related product at a very small cost.

2. The Product must Be 'Comfortable'

In an eBay sales funnel, a low priced product is offered to the bidder. The product is such that the consumer must feel comfortable with it and the fact is that they should not mind parting with a little bit of money.

3. After the First Sale, It Gets Easier

Once you make the first limited sale, it gets much easier to sell a higher priced product. This is because an association has been built up between the customer and you and he or she will trust you more than they did earlier.

4. The Worth of the Product

The worth of the product must be equal to the amount of money you are asking for it. This is the essential secret of the eBay sales funnel. Do not overcharge or foist low quality products on your customers.

Keep these secrets in mind and the profits will be all yours.

Source by Fabian Tan

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