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It's ironic that we create debt without a conscious thought. However, it takes a significant effort on our part to destroy debt. The realization that you are now in a position of debt can be stressful and even cause illness. Many people find themselves in despair at the realization, they think that nothing can be done, but I can assure you there is much you can do. Once you know how to address the debt, you can even make your life livable and fun while you're in the process of doing it.

The first thing to remember about destroying debt is that many people have been here before you and there will be many getting into this position long after you have cleared your debt. I would even go as far to say that creating debt and then having to destroy debt is very much a part of life in the twenty first century. Having a meaningful and fairly stress free life whilst in the debt transition period is the object of the exercise. With a little research you can find articles and information about every aspect of debt, and it will pay you to read up on the subject. Do this for no other reason than appreciating that you are not dissimilar to millions of other people. They all get through it.

One of my Galaxis Internet InfoSites "Debt-Relief" has about sixty different articles on it relating to debt, its relief, its destruction, consolidation, secured debt, unsecured debt, business debt etc …. You can access it by going to the galaxis-private-income site mentioned in the bio at the bottom of this article.

There are a few good ground rules by which one should live at the point of realizing that you are now in debt and that that is going to affect your life. Know how much you are in debt! Make a list of all your creditors and how much you owe them. Remember even in the debt situation if you're going to destroy debt, you must know the nature of the beast. Next, separate out the priority debts. These are not the debts that you think should be paid first, these are debts like domestic bills, these must be paid as a priority to credit cards, Hire purchase and bank loans. If you have not got food, heat, light, water and sanitation then you've got nothing. It's at this point that you now know the scale of the problem that has to be addressed. My final advice at this point is get some professional advice. This does not mean paying a company to reschedule your debt and extend you even more credit. No, your first stop should be to a Citizens advice bureau (CAB) in the UK or its equivalent in your country, that is a place where they will give you free, professional advice in order to start you on the path to destroy your debt .

I said earlier that you could still have a life even whilst in debt. A new ebook called "How to survive your debt" by Aine Callan has just come on the market and looks to be well worth a read. In the advert I saw the statement "Do you want to have fun and be happy in debt?" The answer for everyone is YES, it's as I have been saying, it happens to us all, we might as well be happy while we sort it out.

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