Emergency Scalp Care

If you're losing hair

Within limits, hair loss is normal, because the roots produce new strings every day. In many cases, lifestyle, stress, imbalanced alimentation or medicines have bad consequences, leading to an excess hair loss.

Choose a shampoo with a concentrated formula and apply it in small quantity, by massaging the scalp. Rinse very well at the end of the shower and apply twice a week a regenerating mask or a capillary tonic, to repair the roots.

If the scalp itches

It's because either you have a skin condition or the scalp is very dry. The first case requires you to see a doctor and get a diagnostic, and the other one is solvable by you, at home.

Replace your current shampoo with a natural herbal one. Apply the shampoo by gently massaging the skin and let it act for a few minutes before rinsing. Use regularly a special calming and moisturizing serum and avoid the hair dryer. Also, once a week, you may rub pure aloe vera gel at the roots which moisturizes and repairs the skin.

If you have dandruff

No matter the form it has (dry or oily), dandruff is a sign of a skin condition. If it gets severe, see a dermatologist for a proper treatment.

Wash your hair with an anti dandruff shampoo, based on antiseptic and sebum regulator properties. Choose only quality products, if you want to see results. Give up nourishing balms and treatment masks in favor of a natural mask, with ingredients that refresh and stop in time dandruff from appearance: mint, lemon, nettles.

If your scalp is sensitive

Dry skin that lasts, discomfort sensation, itching, dull, fragile and shine less hair, all these appear when you have a sensitive scalp, which needs special care.

You need a shampoo with a delicate formula that cleanses gently and keeps an optimum level of hydration. Avoid harsh brushes, hairdressing devices and the hot air of the hair dryer. Apply after each bath a regenerating and moisturizing treatment, and once a week apply a mask with honey and yolk. Do not excessively use styling products, choose only odorless and especially do not apply them at the root of the hair.

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