Express Your Power


I'm not referring to 'power over others', or 'power of position' (like the power that comes with a particular job), but rather your inherent personal power that is found deep in your core – the power that is yours from birth, that is derived from source, that is fueled by the divine.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked, "What is genius but the power of expressing a new individuality?" Each of you has your own unique individuality, and you are here to express it. In fact, in order to feel fulfilled, happy and at peace, you must express it.

But before you can begin to share your power with the world, you must first know it, feel it, be one with it. What does this look like? You are comfortable in your own skin, know yourself, and feel clear about who you are.

And just to be clear, your personal power is not meant to control, to manage, to manipulate, rather it is meant to share, to help, to brighten, to encourage, to love.

"Each one of us has the power to make others feel better or worse. (Unknown) This is the fun part of owning your power and expressing it! You get to spread your light out into the world, to model to others how great it is to know your power and use it, and to affect their lives in positive ways.

Expressing your personal power includes having the power to forgive, the power to love unconditionally, the power to see the good in others, the power to have an open mind, the power to master yourself, the power to trust, the power to choose, the power to respond (rather than react), the power to live peacefully.

People who live from their power and share it with the world do not have to tell anyone about it. Their actions speak for them. Their way of being in the world conveys everything. As Margaret Thatcher said, "Being powerful is like being a lady. For this power is not the power that stems from ego … rather it comes from that deep deep within you, your soul, your inner knowing, your essence.

And interestingly enough, YOU are the only one who can take this power away. How? By thinking you do not have any. Or by allowing your fears to have power, and allowing yourself to be held back by your own beliefs, worries, and illusions.

I encourage you to feel your power, know your power, and express your individuation into the world. Share your greatness and strengths with others. Make your mark. Life the life you are here to live. Be the powerful self that you are.


Source by Elise Fee

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