How To Turn Trash Into Cash With Online Auctions


When your broken you tend to be more resourceful and creative and put more effort into making things happen with next to nothing than when your rich. You do what you have to do.

When online auctions became popular people started opening up their drawers to find items to list that would allow them to cash in and make some money. In this article we'll look at some things you can do to make some money with online auctions. This article is not about the technical steps to make the money or what buttons to push on the computer, this is the practical meat and potatoes of using online auctions to supplement your income or make a living.

First, if you want to make money you need items to sell. Many people do not know where or how to get started and they do not know what people want or what they'd be willing to pay for the items.

Let's open up some cabinets and drawers and look in thrift shops on the dollar racks for some of these items. Step one, let's find some items that other people will probably be interested in. Let's start with sports related items. The easiest sports items are items of clothing such as caps, t-shirts, or jackets. The philosophy I adopted about sports related items is that if there's a team, and let's stick to major teams in major leagues, if there's a sport and a team, there's a fan somewhere interested in the collectible items from the team.

When someone loves a team, it's easy for them to consider buying a team-related item. So, how can you make money when team related items can be so expensive. You have to find the team related items cheap or be willing to part with the ones you already have in your drawers. Where do you go to find items for pennies on a dollar? Easy-head to yard sales, flea markets, and thrift shops. Many thrift shops have bargain racks with t-shirts for $ 1 or $ 2. I have had a wonderful time playing a game every week to see how much money I could make with $ 20.

What would happen if you purchased 20 tshirts connected to major sports and teams and you paid $ 20 for the tshirts. Then, what if you asked $ 9.99 for each shirt and turned the $ 20 into close to $ 200. Would you be happy. If the answer is "Yes," do it or do something. What if every week you could have this extra supplement from selling online? Do it.

Another fun collectible item can be glassware. We're not going to talk about the fancy crystal in this article. Let's consider some items that might be in the kitchen cabinets or at a yard sale or thrift shop.
Glassware with logos from various soda or pop companies depending on where you're from and which word you use.

Glassware commemorating movies, tv shows, or music groups can also be in demand. It's not unusual to go to a yard sale and find things which have been in people's cabinets or drawers for ten to forty years. Now they're moving and it's finally time to let the items go. Yes right into your hands and right online into your auctions. Good luck.

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