Joining Legit, Online Paid Survey Sites – Simple Work to Make the Most Cash For Your Time At Home

You might be a free member of multiple online paid survey sites, or you might think they are scams and not worth your time. Well, if you think they are all scams, you need to know that there are many legitimate survey sites, and if you are already a member of a couple, you need some tips and tricks to make the most cash for your time.

If you are familiar with all with online surveys, then you know that the different offers can be somewhat confusing to a newcomer. There are so many surveys to choose from and a lot of them are from the same companies. Completing too many survey offers from the same company, in a short amount of time, will leave you with a lot wasted time on your hands. The reason this happens is that most survey companies will not give you credit for doing multiple offers in a short amount of time. They refresh their database about every hour, so if you complete two surveys from them in an hour, you will only get paid for one of them.

To save yourself time and money, you should do survey offers from three to four different companies in any given hour. That way you know that you will get cash for each of them. This will also help you to get familiar with the dozens of different paid survey offers out there even faster.

Another trick to getting credit for all of the surveys you do is to clear your Browser Cookies after every paid survey that you complete. If you do not know what "clearing cookies" mean, you just need to do the following: In Internet Explorer, you will need to go to the "tools" menu on your toolbar. From there, you will click on "Delete Browsing History". Once in the browser history box, make sure that there is a button to delete cookies. Click that button and you should be all set.

For users that are using Firefox as their browser, you will basically do the same thing, only this time when you click on "tools", you will select "clear private data". Once in the Private Data section you need to make sure the box next to "Cookies" is checked off and then click "clear private data now".

Doing multiple paid survey offers from the same company and not clearing your cookies on a regular basis will less the chance of having all of your completed surveys being accepted for payment. Following these simple steps while doing your daily surveys will help you earn the most cash for your time, and for the people that think all paid surveys are scams, try this out and watch it change your mind.

Source by Adam Woodham

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