Make Money in Real Estate With No Money Or Credit

While it is true that making money in real estate without money or credit is really hard and time consuming, it does not mean that it can not be done. In truth a lot of people have stated their real estate investing careers with not a single penny to their name. There is really no secret that these people know. No special code that made it possible for them to do what they did. What made the money back down investment possible was their ability to think outside of the box and their refusal to give up.

One way to make money in real estate with no money down and less than perfect credit is to go directly to the seller. Ask them if you could have a moment of their time and explain to them that you would like to try to sell their house. When they ask you what you charge tell them nothing. It is now when you explain that you are going to be selling their house for more than their initial asking price. If they agree to this have a lawyer draw up a contract stating that anything that you get for the property over their asking price goes directly to you.

This is just one of the creative ways that you can make money without money. Do not let the fact that you are broke stop you from doing something about it. Remember not to get discouraged by the "no" replies that you are most defiantly going to get. Learn from them and go onto the next home owner that is selling a house. Every day one of these owners will give you the break you need and you will be able to sell their home for them. Once you have flipped your first home you will have the previous home owners as a reference that you will be able to use when you try to get other home owners to work with you.

Source by Alex Nghiem

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