Preparing For a Career After Graduation

Photo graduation is a stone. When you graduate, not only are you celebrating the completion of years of hard work, you're preparing to begin a new stage of life. Graduation is an exciting chance for you to decide how you will continue to grow and achieve for years to come.

To ensure a smooth transition to life after graduation, it's important to start preparing well before the big date. This means asking yourself an important question: What do you want to do? Your goals will determine what actions you should be taking. To help you get started, here are a few preparation suggestions for graduations looking to begin working right away.

Entering The Work Force

Following graduation, you're probably considering applying for your first real career opportunity. You've put forth the years of study, but there is still more to learn about how to land that first successful job. And one of the most important lessons about career searching is learning to sell yourself.

In the months before graduation, learn everything you can about your field of choice, as it exists currently. Join online communities, apply for internships, and subscribe to your field's journal or magazine. You want to be sure you're not only a well-educated applicant, but a business-savvy one as well.

Also during these months, try to establish contacts with professionals already working in your field. Any network contacts you can acquire could be helpful when you're looking to make a good impression on a potential employer. Professional networking websites, seminars, trade shows and job fairs are excellent opportunities to practice your networking skills.

When attending social events for professionals in your field, you want to be sure to bring an up-to-date, well-crafted resume. Use online and academic resources to help you choose the right format and tone. Choose carefully-your resume is the main vehicle you will use to present yourself to potential employers, so details are important.

When writing your resume, take advantage of professors and academic advisers. Allow them to proofread it and stay open to their input. Do not forget a cover letter, as it is the first chance that professionals and employers have to get to know you, and first impressions are important.

Finally, use the resources at your college or university along with online resources to establish yourself on a variety of different job-searching networks. The sooner that you are able to make your presence known in the job-hunting market, the sooner potential employers will begin to contact you. It can take weeks or months to earn your first job out of college-the earlier you start, the better.

Choosing Another Career

Instead of moving immediately into full-time employment, maybe you'd like to spend time abroad, or continue your education. There are thousands of alternatives to immediately becoming employed, each offering its own unique life experiences. Explore your options to reach your goals.

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