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Why not take an online fun survey and get paid in cash? I like taking these because they are fun and I get to make money at the same time.

I have been on the internet since the early '90s and it was not until the late' 90s that I figured out that you could make money online at home. I tried several different work at home jobs, but most of them were so complicated I could never figure them out. I did not have a computer science background nor did I know anything about web design, so most of the things I invested in just sat on my computer going nowhere. That is until I started doing a bunch of online fun ones.

They are fun to do that is why their everywhere. And then a good friend of mine pointed out that she got paid to do them online at home. She was making some nice money just for filling out forms and giving her opinion, sounded easy to me. My friend showed me where to go and how she made money and I was off and running.

Today I make the bulk of my money taking them and have had so much fun doing it. I get up in the morning and while drinking my coffee, I go through my e-mail to see what types are in my mail. There is usually a couple very good paying ones and some that the pay is only two to five dollars. I take the higher paying ones first because these get taken up fast. Most have a limit as to how many the companies need taken. Then I go through the lower paying surveys to see what looks fun and interesting.

Not all of them I take pay in cash, some are for products and points. I have received some really nice stuff doing product surveys. I have been able to test new products to see how well they do and then was able to keep the product in return. I have received electronics, laundry products, food and some over the counter medicines. I look at these as bonuses.

I check my e-mail often as new ones come in all the time. Like I said you have to jump on the hot ones right away. The longer you are in the business the better the offers become.

Taking online surveys is fun and profitable for me. I make more money at home in my spare time than most people doing working a full time job away from home.

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