Tips in Long Term Goal Setting and How to Reach Your Goals

Long term goal setting is the least done by most people. This is because it takes time to come into the realization of long-term goals. Usually it takes years. And because most people tend to be impatient, they just turn to setting short-term goals only since results can come quickly if not immediately, at some times.

Many people do not really understand the fulfillment and the rewards attained from long term goal setting. Since it requires more time, more effort, more sacrifices, it only means that it is more gratifying compared to short term goal setting.

So, to help you get yourself into long term goal setting, following these tips.

1. Set goals in the five major areas of your life.

Such areas are: Family, Health, Career or Finance, Society, and Spirituality. Since it would not be feasible to set many goals under all areas, set at least one long-term goal for each. When doing so, base each goal on your priorities and values. For example, in setting a long term goal under family, think of the most significant aspect of your family that needs improvement. Think of what you really deem as important with regards to family. If you think that family quality time is the thing you are missing the most and what you value the most then set a goal like "go on a family vacation abroad." In Society, if you think having more interaction with neighbors or being involved in the community is what you lack the most then set a goal such as "build an organization of men or women and raise funds to help kids who are cancer victims in my local community. " Make sure your long-term goals are specific and attainable.

2. Break down your goals into smaller parts.

This is very essential. If you do not break up your goals, you are like aiming to eat an elephant with just one bite, which is obviously impossible. Your goal "build an organization of men or women and raise funds to help kids who are cancer victims in my local community" is a huge one. You need to break it down. You can possibly divide it into five or more parts like "get to know neighbors," "get in touch and cooperate with local government officials," "invite men and women who can be interested in raising funds for cancer victims," ​​and "start an online campaign about raising funds for cancer victims. " Your larger goals can become more achievable if you convert them into smaller ones.

3. Make an action plan for the goals you have broken down into smaller parts.

Think and write down specific things you need to do in order to "get to know neighbors." You can put things like "inviting my next-door neighbor for dinner on Friday," and "attend a community building activity on Saturday morning." Make sure they are specific and you indicate date or time. The smaller goals you have can still be broken down into little courses of actions.

4. Do not forget to put deadlines for your goals.

In goal setting, especially in long term goal setting, deadlines and other dates are very important. Since they will take a while to be completed, you need to put a realistic date you will be able to finish each goal. You also do this so you will not forget.

Source by Lesley A Knowles

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