What If You Have Exhausted All Your Job Search Options and You Are Still Unemployed?


Everyone has faced the frustration involved with finding a job. There's nothing easy about the job search process. So sometimes, we all need a little pick me up; just a bit of advice or a push in the right direction. Well read on and maybe you'll hear what you need to hear, that one word or phrase or idea that gives you the strength to go on!

You should never give up! Even when you're having trouble finding work, you should never ever give up! As my sister has always told me you may apply twenty times before you receive a single bite, but you have to keep trying. But something you should consider is how you're approaching not only your job search but perhaps even your resume and how you view your own personal skills.

Firstly, your method of job searching can always be expanded. True enough there are mountains of jobs available that you do not want. We all want that perfect job that does not mean serving up burgers and fries. But what you need to think about is where else you can search. Local yellow pages etc are great ways to go. Talking to friends, calling in favors, making connections are fantastic means to an end. Have you considered internships? Not only may you be making new connections, sometimes even be paid, but you'll be gaining valuable experience. We all become tired of the trap that is trying to find work but we're turned down for not having enough experience, or not believing we have enough experience. But you need to learn how to reapply your current skills to meet your own demands.

And a great way to reevaluate yourself is to take a look at what your skills look like on paper. Your resume is your skill tree for what you've learned so far. But what you need to learn most importantly is how to rationalize those skills. Worked a lot of retail? You have actual time and practice working with people on a regular basis. You've also gained a great deal of self reliability. Depending on how the chain of command works at your old or current retail job, you could be assigned projects to move product around the store and it is up to you to complete that project while keeping up with customer service. Meaning you have gained the trust of your managers, and learned how to budget your own time and maintain a great independent work ethic. Were those skills you had on your resume before? Wording always helps. You need to learn to take your existing views and change them. Work eight hours and monitor the sales floor all by yourself? That's extremely impressive, that's not an ability every person has. You need an advanced awareness to commit such upkeep to regularity. So take a step back and reconsider yourself.

Most importantly, you must never give up. That special job you warn for may not be around the immediate corner, but that's not to say it is not around the corner down the street. You may feel it's in another city, but so long as you keep moving you'll reach that place. In the mean time you just might have to take that job you do not want. But so long as it keeps money in your pocket, great. And remember, keep your chin up, things can always be worse!


Source by Lidia Nash

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